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Get­ting exer­cise is not only good for your heart and body, it also pro­duces nat­ural endor­phins that leave you feel­ing hap­pier and calmer. In inside fitness we work with you outside in the nature so as to ensure that every training is a unique rewarding and fun experience offering goodfor your health, body and mindset.

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We are an independent group of qualified personal trainers and wellness experts experienced in the Swiss domain, offering high quality fitness services .

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I wanted to share a few rea­sons why you should con­sider spend­ing less time on the pave­ment and more time ambling along tree-covered paths.

Being in nature is good for you

Trail run­ning takes us up the moun­tain, over the river and through the woods, and that often gives us a much more scenic view than we could ever hope for on an urban jaunt on the road. And if the scenery isn’t enough to sway you to the side of trail run­ners, per­haps the fact that nature is good for the emo­tional and men­tal well being of all humans will be. An arti­cle pub­lished by Har­vard Med­ical School states this: “Researchers at the Uni­ver­sity of Essex in Eng­land are advanc­ing the notion that exer­cis­ing in the pres­ence of nature has added ben­e­fit, par­tic­u­larly for men­tal health. Their inves­ti­ga­tions into “green exer­cise,” as they are call­ing it, dove­tails with research show­ing ben­e­fits from liv­ing in prox­im­ity to green, open spaces. In 2010 the Eng­lish sci­en­tists reported results from a meta-analysis of their own stud­ies that showed just five min­utes of green exer­cise resulted in improve­ments in self-esteem and mood.”.

The fresh air is good for you and your lungs

One of the best rea­sons to run on the trail is to get some fresh air—literally. Road run­ners in rural areas may have less traf­fic to grap­ple with than those who run on urban ter­ri­tory, but for both groups, get­ting out into the woods for a run is bet­ter for the lungs. A bit of research con­ducted by sum­ma­rized the health effects of run­ning in pol­luted air this way: “A 2004 review of pol­lu­tion stud­ies world­wide con­ducted by the Uni­ver­sity of Bris­bane, Aus­tralia, found that dur­ing exer­cise, low con­cen­tra­tions of pol­lu­tants caused lung dam­age sim­i­lar to that caused by high con­cen­tra­tions in peo­ple not work­ing out given what can be in the air, “peo­ple who exer­cise out­doors should prob­a­bly be more wor­ried” than many are, said Dr. Mor­ton Lipp­mann, a pro­fes­sor of envi­ron­men­tal med­i­cine at the New York Uni­ver­sity School of Medicine.”.


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